Composite Decking & Fencing

Composite Decking & Fencing | Medway, Kent.

Boundary Fencing UK have extensive experience installing composite fencing & decking across Medway & the rest of Kent & the South East.

There are some great features and benefits of Composite Fencing & Decking including:

Low Maintenance

Composite decking & fencing are ideal for people looking for low-maintenance, nice looking gardens. There is pretty much no maintenance involved which is ideal for working couples or busy families.

Long Lifespan

As composite fencing & decking isn't made from traditional wood/timber, it doesn't rot. This means a super-long lifespan and much better value for money in the long run.

Wide Range Of Options

There is lots of choice when it comes to both composite decking and composite fencing. For example, there are many different colours/shades available so you can ensure your garden is colour schemed correctly. Also, composite products generally keep that colour for a very long time, so your garden will always look aesthetically pleasing.